Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping on Labor Day

We don't have anything huge to report. Life is moving along at a pretty steady pace. On Labor Day weekend (Jake's birthday), we spent one night camping out. Well...kind of. We set up a tent at Jake's parent's house, and Jake & Judah slept in the tent. Brody and his pregnant Mama slept inside.
Judah was thrilled to have a camp out. We made a little fire and roasted marshmallows and had smores. YUM! Everyone loved that. Judah especially loved putting the marshmallows into the fire. He enjoyed learning about how a marshmallow will eventually just melt and fall off into the fire. At first, it horrified him that his marshmallow was GONE, but then he thought it was cool, so he kept doing it.
Here is Daddy and the boys with the fire in the background. Daddy is holding a smore that Judah made for him. We all had fun with the fire and making smores!
This picture isn't great, but it's merely evidence that I, Mama, was actually there! Brody did great with the fire. He stayed back, even though he wanted to mess with it just like his big brother!
This is Daddy and the boys in the tent. Brody was ready to sleep there, too. He actually fell asleep in the 5 minutes that we were in to say goodnight to Daddy and Judah.

This is another great shot of the boys. I love their smiles. We had a great time that weekend together as a family.
Funny story: Jake and Judah were sleeping pretty good in the tent. It was the middle of the night, maybe around 1:30am. Suddenly, Jake heard the door to the tent unzip pretty quickly, as if someone was coming in. Jake jumped up. Then, our dog, Roscoe, joined him in the tent. He must have gotten his nose in the corner of the doorway and done it just right to open the door. He REALLY wanted to sleep inside that night. And he REALLY wanted to be near his family. So, he slept in the tent with the boys, too.
We will be going camping again in the future. We aren't the rustic type, so I'm sure it won't be much more than what we did that weekend. It was still really fun, and our boys enjoyed it a lot. It was full of star gazing, roasting marshmallows, playing outside, and most of all a close bathroom and shower. :) We all had a great time.

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