Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Days Until Christmas

It's December, and it certainly feels like it. Currently, in our little town, it is a whopping 1 degree. However, it makes me glad I don't live in Denver (Sorry, Rob & Elan!) where it is -17 degrees. Yes, that is a NEGATIVE! I'm also glad I don't live in Minnesota or the Dakotas where they've gotten FEET of snow!

With 10 days left until Christmas, Jake and I have tried to make sure we have all of the Christmas presents that we need. We also got our Christmas cards ordered and will get those sent out SOON.

Jake and I actually started opening Christmas presents a couple of weeks ago. I got to open a brand new Dell laptop. (it's tangerine!) Also, Jake got the new blackberry touch and has been learning the ins-and-outs of it. Jake also got a brand new camera that is really fancy! We took pictures for our Christmas cards last night.

So, we have had a great Christmas so far. It's been full of joy and laughter and gifts and surprises. We are exicted for this season and the fun that it will be.

I will put pictures of Judah up later. I don't have any of the pictures on my new computer.

Merry Christmas!!