Friday, October 31, 2008

First Haircut

This picture is from a small hailstorm that we had a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe how much hail came down!

I realize that I did not complete my entries about our New York trip. Things have been hectic around here, and I'm lucky to have a moment to update this blog.

Today was a special day, and I wanted to make sure and get it documented. Along with it being Halloween, Judah had his first haircut today. The sides of his hair were just getting so long, so I took him to get it trimmed up today. He did so great. He sat well the entire time!!! Here's the pictures:

This is the before. You could not see his ears very well!

He was very watchful the entire time Jennifer was cutting his hair. Besides, she was dressed up in a great Halloween costume (the hair fairy) with wings and everything! He was pretty impressed!

You can see his ear!!!

Our after. He was a little tired and did not quite know what to think of everything. But he really did great.
This is a new toy that we got Judah. It's a tent with a tunnel leading out of it. The tunnel leads into a teepee, but we didn't have room to set it all up, so it's just the tent and tunnel. He loves it!!

He loves crawling through the tunnel to "get me."

Judah loves to play the real piano with us. He knows how to hit the buttons to make different noises and sounds. He really enjoys music.

So, I think you are up-to-date on what's been going on here. Judah has been sick this week but is finally feeling much better. He's been sleeping better and actually running around the house again (without a runny nose!). Have a safe Halloween!