Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year

It is a new year, and I haven't updated my blog in a long time! Turns out, it's nearly impossible to do from my phone. I added photos in November, but then I couldn't add any text. It was frustrating. So, from time-to-time, I may just add random photos without much information. It just happens like that.

Ava is almost one, and I can't believe how quickly the past year has gone. She is walking, almost running, everywhere. She is ready to join in with the boys on anything they are doing, including going down the stairs, which she doesn't do well. She is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. I am truly blessed to be her mom. She brings such joy into our home, and I am beyond grateful to know her!

Brody is really starting to blossom. He is talking so very much now, when he doesn't feel too shy. He loves to laugh, which is really quite catching if you hear his belly laugh. He will often say something (usually something I don't understand), and then follow it with a huge laugh, like what he just said is hilarious! It's fun to watch. He will now randomly just say, "I love you." to everyone, and if they don't understand him, he'll turn to me and say, "(so-and-so) doesn't love me." with a pout. I have to translate for him, and then everything is fine.

Judah turned four in November, and that kid cracks me up all the time. His humor is maturing, so jokes are really fun with him. Even today, he walked behind Jake and mimicked everything Jake was doing, and it was really funny. Judah fell to the floor laughing when Jake figured out what Judah was up to. Judah is also a fantastic big brother. He really does take good care of Brody and Ava. He loves to have that responsibility to look after younger kids.

I am looking forward to a very playful year ahead with my children. I am so blessed. Even through our tough times last fall, I realize how blessed I am. This year, I am trying to be intentional about spending time with my kids and really being playful, to show them that life can be playful and fun!

What will you be doing in the year ahead to be intentional with your life?