Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We don't tire of Judah dancing

This is a really funny video. I cry laughing every time I watch it! He makes us laugh so much!

So, Judah is a HUGE fan of the opening credits to the show Chuck. I am not kidding when I tell you that we had to watch the same 30 seconds of a song about 25-30 times (at LEAST!). H did not want to stop! But, Jake and I were laughing so hard that we didn't care. You can't hear Jake laughing much on the video, but every time I looked at him, he was hysterically laughing (quietly). It was a fun time.

After all of these dancing videos, you are probably going to think that we never put Judah in pants. I assure you that we do. After getting his diaper changed (especially in the evening before bed), he jumps up before I get pants on him. This is when he wants to dance and run around.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A really fun time

Judah and I had a LOT of fun this afternoon, baking cookies of all things to do to have a fun time!

I'd heard of a trick to keep little ones happy and entertained -- put soapy water in the sink and let them play! I was skeptical, but I figured I'd give it a try! So, I put some water in the sink with soap and a plastic cup. Slowly, I added measuring cups and spoons as I made up the cookie dough. I stripped Judah down to his diaper, set him on the counter with his feet in the water, and let him at it. At first, Judah was also skeptical, especially of the bubbles (he doesn't really know what to think of them yet). But, he slowly warmed up to the idea of putting water in the cup and pouring it out! Wow! What fun!

Eventually, Judah started not only pouring out the water from the cup, but shaking it violently as well. I figured that him throwing water into the other sink was no big deal. After a little while, he began pouring just a little water out onto the floor. I could not help but laugh, so it continued. My floor was a little sticky right there anyway, so I just figured he was helping me get the floor cleaned! It was too funny to watch.

Judah kept reaching into the sink to grab things and inspect them. Then, he grabbed the drain, and of course, there went all the water! I figured he would be done. He continued looking around, trying to figure things out. He put the drain back, plugging the water and remaining bubbles. Then, he figured out how to turn on the water. (Yes, I made sure he didn't turn it on hot!)

I was just hoping that he would NOT figure out how the sprayer worked!! Well, my hopes were dashed when he unexpectedly sprayed himself in the chest! He was NOT happy about it, so he put the sprayer back. I fully expected to be sprayed any minute, but I wasn't!!

There was a little bit of a Hershey's candy bar sitting on the window sill (I'd forgotten that it was there!), and I looked up at one point and Judah had it all in his hand, happily eating it.
I knew I could make a choice to be upset and take it away or just let it go and laugh.

I laughed!!! It felt so good to just let go and laugh about it. It was REALLY funny!!
Yes, in the pictures he is holding a handful of chocolate AND a toothbrush!!!

It has been a long time since I've laughed as hard as I did today. I almost wet my pants a few times, because I was laughing so hard! (It has something to do with being pregnant, I'm sure!!!) I feel like God taught me a lesson today, that I can make a choice about things and let things go and not be angry about little things! Yep, I had to get on my hands and knees and clean the floor with rags. Yep, I had to do the same with my counters, Yep, I had to clean chocolate off Judah and wipe him down. Yep, it took me a little longer to mix up the cookies. OH WELL! I know that both Judah and I had a great time laughing and enjoying the moment. I pray today that I will open my eyes in the future to more moments like this and take the time to laugh more.

Have you laughed today? Have you really laughed today?