Monday, March 15, 2010

Judah is a very happy boy. This is Judah with his "friends." (Froggie, Bob, & Monkey) Froggie has become quite the traveler (with Judah). He's been to Vegas, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado. That poor frog is in quite a worn state now. :)

Brody is one of the happiest babies - ever. That is the compliment we get from nursery workers all the time. He just smiles so easily. His eyes light up with every smile.

I came upon an old list of things a few days ago. It isn't just an ordinary list, either. It is a list of my actual experiences, things I've thought about doing, and all of my possibilities. It was so interesting to see how many things from the "things I've thought about doing" category I have started to do. "Raising kids" is the big one that I have begun to do. Singing at church is another thing on the list that I have started to do (along with playing my bass).

I found myself thinking about all of the things on the list that I have always wanted to do but haven't. I wonder if I'll ever be able to learn the things that I want to start "someday." On this list are things like: Make a quilt, make GOOD salsa, and make our own clothes. I don't know how I can begin to learn these things while I have little boys running around and very interested in things I'm doing (especially if it involves scissors!). I do have these things on my list of things to attempt "someday." I'm just hoping that I can dive into them fully at some point.

Are there things you have on your "list" that you want to try someday? I encourage you to write them down and try one soon. I know I plan on attempting something new soon. It might even be something I've added to my list, too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good times

My boys are so unbelieveably cute. I am so proud of them! I just needed a post to say it to the world.
Judah is a really good boy all around. He is kind, compassionate, and helpful. He loves to do things for others. Judah enjoys making people laugh. He is currently working on his ABCs and counting. We are still working on colors, but he knows them pretty well. Judah can count to 10 by himself, and last night he shocked Jake by counting to 14 by himself.
Brody is a very happy baby. He enjoys watching Judah run around and make him laugh. Brody wants to get around more than he does. He currently is doing a great army crawl, but he wants to get around more and faster! He LOVES to jump in the jumper, and he is mastering the walker in the kitchen.
Jake is a very busy man lately. He has been working VERY hard, trying to make the business better, as any business man tries to do! When he gets home, he doesn't really get a break, because Judah attacks him and demands to tackle, toss a ball, or play hide-and-seek. Brody just lights up when he sees Jake anytime. Even if he hears Jake's voice, Brody has to stop what he's doing and look for Daddy! It is so awesome to see the love for Daddy from the boys. It is also awesome to see such a fantastic dedication from Jake for his boys.
I am such a lucky lady to have such a wonderful husband, who is a fabulous father. I am also very blessed to have two amazing little boys, who are already showing what great people they are becoming.
I hope you all have a fabulous week!