Friday, April 2, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Boys will be boys, right? It's so true. They will get dirty, scraped, bruised, grass-stained, muddy, and splintered -- but they will enjoy it all. Judah has shown such a great interest in many things, and I am sure Brody will too soon enough.

Brody's adorable chunky baby legs with sandals, enjoying the beautiful spring afternoon. He discovered grass this past week. He likes to pull it and try to (as he does with everything) put it in his mouth. Luckily, Mommy is always there to stop him.

Such a sweet smiling boy! Brody is quick to give smiles to most everyone he sees. Brody is learning to "dance." He watches Judah enough to know how to groove. If there is music on, Brody will find some kind of rhythm, stick his arms straight out to the side, and rock back and forth, even getting his head into it. He loves it!

Brody is a sprawling sleeper. No one could share a bed with him!

Judah getting a book read to him by Daddy. Usually Mommy reads the bedtime stories, but it's a very special night when Daddy reads to him. Judah just eats it up. He knows "Green Eggs and Ham" very well now and can help read parts of it.

Judah loves wearing his cowboy hat . . . as well as play the drums on anything that will make noise. A drumming cowboy? Maybe!
He loves to "cook" while I am cooking. I gave him flour and cinnamon to mix together and use for baking. He "made cookies." So, he loves to cook, but he loves it to be messy cooking! (See facebook for the complete set of pictures.)
Judah LOVES to play the guitar. He understands rhythm . . . but not necessarily which direction to hold the guitar. He also loves to play the drums. We have a hard time keeping him off the drumset at church.

Judah likes art. He enjoys drawing and coloring. But, there HAS to be a crayon or pencil behind his ear AT ALL TIMES. Such a boy. I think he's seen a few of the men in his life do this while building things.

While hanging out with his older cousins, Judah decided it was time to scare his parents and jump on a skateboard. He LOVED it and talked about it for DAYS. He will now jump on his skateboard and tell me, "Jake says, 'Bend knees. Arms out. Look where going.'" He knows how it works for sure. And truthfully, he's pretty good for a 2 year old!

The people in Judah's life are also important to him. He will talk a lot these days about "Jake and Chris" (his cousins pictured here). The skateboarding was fun for him, but it was a fantastic bonding experience for Judah. He feels a connection with them both now, as seen in how he talks about them and skateboarding, as well as how much more he prays for Jake and Chris. And when I bake something special, like cake or pie, he always says we have to share with Jake and Chris.

I absolutely love the stage we are in now. Judah is getting more and more talkative, and he "practices" almost everything he hears. He is fun to talk with. Brody is such a bright-eyed boy with a curiousity for most everything he can see.
Hope everyone out there is able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful spring that has arrived!