Saturday, June 7, 2008

We are jumping and swimming!

For this post, I have a few videos and lots of pictures. My little man is getting big so fast! He is sitting up on his own now. Suddenly, when he is in his walker, he has started "walking" forward. For the longest time, he only went backwards. It was like he flipped a switch and started going forward. I have to start babyproofing SOON!

This is my cuddle-bug at bedtime. He is in pjs and ready for sleep.

This is Jake and Judah watching basketball together.

Judah lounging after sitting up for awhile. He decided to slouch down and chill out for awhile.

We noticed over the past week that Judah really loves to jump. So, Jake went and bought a jumperoo. He LOVES to jump now. He just laughs and laughs.

Video of Judah jumping! You can hear all of the jungle sounds of the jumeroo. It makes noise if he is jumping and stops after he stops.

Lately, he has also started enjoying his bath time. Since he can now sit up mostly on his own, we gave him some ducks to play with in the water. He seems to like that.

Bath Time Video!

It is finally time to get in the pool! The big pool is still too cold, but we filled up the little pool for Judah and it was warm for him. He didn't hate it. He was pretty interested in eating the boat, but he seemed to have a good time.

I think his hair looks pretty red here.