Monday, February 16, 2009

#2 on the way

Judah started out as a baby who didn't really like the bath. Now, he LOVES being in the bathtub at night. Whenever I say, "Okay, bud, it's time for a bath." he literally RUNS to the bathroom and tries to get into the tub. He loves to splash and soak me -- he thinks it's hilarious.

I now only have 6 months left in my pregnancy -- WooHoo!! This baby is one tough cookie for sure. He/She has gone through a lot already. Diagnosed early-on with a sub-chorionic hemorrhage, I was put on semi-bedrest. Luckily, Judah plays so well on his own already, so he did well while I stayed on the couch or floor beside him. He is an amazing kid!

Our last sonogram one week ago showed a healthy little (tiny) baby kicking away happily -- with no hemorrhage in sight! Praise the Lord!!! We are so grateful for God's faithfulness to us and our new little baby.

We all seem to be on the mend this week. We took Judah to another doctor's appointment, which resulted in all of us feeling emotionally better. Our doctor seems like she really does care about us and especially about Judah and his health. We talked with her about our frustrations over the past week and our difficulty with a different doctor. She was touched and went beyond nice to make us feel at ease about Judah's health.

We do hope that this is the week that we all start feeling better. I am still not feeling wonderful (better, but not great). Judah isn't sleeping great, so I am not either! Now, Jake is getting this awful cold and is down for the count.
I just want spring to get here so I can air out my house! Who's with me??