Friday, July 25, 2008

July is almost over!

Can you believe it? July is almost over? Crazy, right? I just can't believe how fast time has flown since giving birth to my beautiful baby boy.

Judah is now sitting up by himself very confidentally. He loves his independence (unless he's in the mood to cuddle), and he doesn't like to be left in a room alone (unless it's naptime).

Judah really does love to swim. The only picture I have is of him in our tiny pool from our backyard, but he loves being in his floatie in the big pool. And he loves to play Motorboat.

Here's a great picture of Judah's amazing smile! He really smiles with his eyes!!

I was going to add a very cute little video of Judah dancing. His new favorite thing is to dance anytime he can. When we go grocery shopping, he will dance almost through the entire store. He loves that they play music in the store. It's adorable to watch. So, where's the video? you ask. Well, I can't find it. Jake unloaded the camera to the computer, but I have no idea what he did with everything. As soon as I can find the video, I'll post it. Just not today.

Judah is a complete crack-up. He likes to cuddle but also wants to have independence and stand up. He's just too cute for words. :)

Many people have asked if he ever cries. Normally, he doesn't unless there is something wrong: hungry, tired, or diaper needs changed. This face, however, is his spaced-out-stop-trying-to-make-me-smile-because-I'm-not-going-to face.

This picture just makes me laugh, because he's still so darn cute even though he's not smiling!
This picture is about a month old, too, so now his hair is a lot thicker! He is just growing so fast!!!

That's it for now . . . until I can find some great videos to post! Have a great weekend!