Thursday, July 15, 2010

Which Way?

Judah has great faith in Jake to catch him when he jumps off the diving board. He loves to do this!

I love the look on Judah's face here. He is so trusting and fearless. He is having a blast!!

While we are driving, Judah has been very interested in "which way" we will be turning at every intersection. He just wants to know "Right" or "Left." Jake and I tell him, and he's happy to know exactly which way we are going. He doesn't ask why (this is a BIG thing, because he asks "WHY?" to EVERYTHING!!!). Judah is just okay with knowing which direction we are going.

This concept seems kind of advanced for a 2 year old, but we are glad to help him learn his directions whenever he's ready for that.

Not too long after Judah started asking "Which way, Mommy/Daddy?" I heard a sermon in which the pastor just merely mentioned letting God sit in the driver seat. It hit me that I should be exactly like my 2 year old: I should be in the back seat (securely fastened into my seat), and simply ask God, "Which way?" at every intersection of my life. I should also just simply say, "Okay, God." and stop asking Him, "Why?"

I am so thankful for the life-lessons that my young boy teaches me. He just opens my eyes to the way I should be with my Heavenly Father. He amazes me. (Both God and Judah!)