Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a....? Part 2

We were on our way to drop the boys off at Jake's parent's house, and Brody was drinking milk from a bottle. He must have been so tired, because before we knew it, he was asleep. Judah said, "Haha! Look at Brody!" We were all laughing pretty hard for a few miles. He was pretty exhausted after his one-year appointment and getting shots this morning. Poor thing.
On a bright side, he was a really tough little boy when it came to getting shots. He didn't flinch with the first shot, but the second 2 were pretty painful for him. He cried for a quick moment and was done. I was amazed. He was quickly himself again afterwards -- playing and laughing with Judah. He is a tough boy.

We went to our sonogram this afternoon. I was excited just to SEE the baby! Getting to find out the gender was just a perk of actually seeing a real baby in my belly. My belly didn't really "pop" until this past week, so it hasn't felt really real. (Even though I've been feeling some kicks and jabs...)

The question I got most often when people discovered I was pregnant is this: "Are you hoping for a girl?" My answer: "No. Not at all. I'm hoping for a healthy little baby. A boy would be easy, since we have everything for a boy. A girl would be fine, and she would add a little chaos to our little family. But God knows what we need." And I truly felt that way. I wasn't ever hoping for either gender. Just a healthy baby.

The moment the tech put the machine to my belly, I saw the baby. Oh, it was so cool. I will never tire of getting to see a growing baby in my belly. I am always in awe of God and His amazing craftmanship. He knits all these babies (including you and me) together in the most amazing and delicate way. It is just awesome. We got to see baby kicking and moving around. It helped me realize why my side kept hurting: baby feet were kicking away in one particular spot. We have a very active little baby!

The tech kept getting shots of the bottom side of baby, pointing out the bladder, kidneys, and stomach. I just kept thinking, "I don't see any boy parts there." I kept looking at Jake, who was just watching quietly. Finally, the tech said, "It looks like we have a little girl." I was shocked. Happy. A little later, the tech was looking around again, and I said, "Are you sure it's a girl?" She checked again and said, "Yes." Jake chimed in (reminding me), "We've seen a boy on the screen. That isn't a boy."

My mind was having a hard time processing it. Of course I was very happy to have a healthy baby growing in my belly. A girl. I'm having a girl. It just seemed like such a foreign thought after convincing myself it was most likely a boy. I praised God for a healthy little baby girl.

I had my appointment with my midwife afterwards. The nurse took me to get weighed in. She said, "You had your sonogram. Did you find out the sex?" I felt like I was dreaming as I said in a semi-confused voice, "Yes. (pause, because it seemed weird to say aloud) It's....a... It's a girl."

We bought a little pink outfit for her for next summer. I had Judah pull it out of my purse. He looked confused as if asking, "What is this for?" I told him he would have a sister. He smiled. Then he said, "So we didn't get a boy?" I laughed. He is very excited to have a sister, though. Before bed, he asked to see my belly. He leaned over and gave my belly a kiss. Then, after our prayers he whispered, "I love my baby sister." (Universal AWWWWW! please!)

So, that's the whole long story of our day. It's been a blessed day with beautiful weather, fun times with the boys, great news of a healthy baby, and a sunset walk in the beautiful weather!


EdwinsonFamily said...

Wonderful! So happy for you and your family!

Sherri said...

Couldn't be more excited for you all!

Grandpa Deeter said...


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