Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a....?

I can't ever resist putting a cute picture of the boys up whenever I post . . . about anything. Judah is such a fantastic big brother. If Brody is sitting (like here in the picture) and playing, Judah will go and intentionally sit next to him just to be close. I am blessed to have such sweet boys who love each other.

My main reason for writing today is to hear from YOU (whoever might be reading this today...). I go in to the doctor's office tomorrow afternoon for our ULTRASOUND!!! We are all excited to actually see the baby . . . and of course hope to learn the baby's gender, too. We are curious to hear what you think. Are we having a boy or a girl?

I hope you don't fall into the trap that Judah falls into everytime we ask him this question. If I ask it like this: "Are we having a boy or a girl?" His answer is always, "Girl." If I ask it like this: "Are we having a girl or a boy?" He says "Boy." See what he's doing? He just says the last thing we say. It's awfully cute.

So, you have until tomorrow early evening to post a comment and add your two cents. What is your vote?

Don't be afraid to tell me what you think! It's no big deal if you're wrong! You have a 50/50 chance here.


Malinda said...

Hmmm...your trend is definitely boy...and you're such a great mom to boys! But, just for fun, I'm going to say girl...you need a little frill in your life. I should know...I have two... :)

Robert Goulet said...

Boy. Can you imagine how much things would change if baby #3 is a girl? Wow! Shopping for dresses, shoes, other pink stuff, softball and volleyball instead of baseball and football.... My head hurts just thinking about all the things I'll have to learn about!

EdwinsonFamily said...

wow! i didn't even know!!! exciting!!! so happy for you! BOY!

The Bellands said...

Dana!!! I had no idea you are pregnant! =) Congratulations!

Hmmmm, I'm going to guess girl. (Aaron's mom had 2 boys and then 2 girls, so I know it happens!)

Michael said...


Teresa said...

I'm saying girl only to try to even out the voting....:)