Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another round of updates

This is the entire Monhollon Family, as of April 2012. There will be another addition in August. Wow. That's a LOT of little kids. They are all under the age of 4. :) Fun times. Loud times. Awesome.

Judah is 4 and will start preschool in the fall. I'm happy for him but sad too. I feel like our lazy times together at home are quickly coming to an end. He will soon be busy with friends, homework, sports, and the like. He's getting big so fast! He likes to make up his own jokes (that make no sense), and he also has learned that he likes to prank others (especially daddy).

Brody will be 3 in August. He is talking SO much lately. Often, Judah has to translate what he says, but it's all so cute. He has been completely potty trained for such a long time by now, and I am so proud of him for that. He likes to do things by himself, but then on some occassions he demands help on the simplest tasks. He's so funny, too. He loves to make others laugh.

Ava is 18 months and ornery as ever. Her newest thing is diving off furniture, head-first. She did this at the doctor's office recently and about gave the doctor a heart-attack. I had her by the hand, because I know better, so she was fine. She also likes to stand atop furniture and jump off to see if she can land on her feet. She's a ball of energy and gumption. She has no fear of anything. With the exception of mommy leaving her behind.

Baby #4 is due at the end of August. Mommy has about 6 weeks left in her pregnancy. Names have been a bit of a problem with this one. We had a boy name picked out pretty easily, but since it is a girl... We just can't make a decision on her name. Jake likes Brooklyn and Finley. I like Emily. Jake hates Emily. Just between us, I keep hoping he will change his mind about it. (He won't. He's pretty stubborn...)

Fun times. Loud times. Awesome stuff.

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